Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Million Dollars

Survivor season 21 started last night. I love this show. I have watched since its first year and love the whole adventure of it all. Maybe one day I will apply.... who knows??

Anyway, Jimmy Johnson, former NFL coach of the Dallas Cowboys, is on the show this year. It struck me as odd that this man who is already a bazillionaire was on the show competing for a million dollars. Not 20 minutes in, he had a meeting with his team and told them he did not expect to win the million, pretty much because he did not need it, but he wanted to help someone else get it.

Can you imagine??? Being at a place in your life financially where you would not want a million dollars because you had so much money anyway... I cannot fathom that!

This got me thinking... If I ever do get a million dollars for some crazy reason... What in the world would I do with it? Here is a list of things I would start with...

1. 10% to my church.

2. Pay for my nieces college.

3. Pay off my mom and sister's house.

4. Buy Matt a house.

5. Pay off school loans and get my doctorate.

6. Do 5,000 shoe boxes for OCC

7. Duh... pay off my house... I about forgot.

8. Hide the rest for my needy kids at school....

Do I have any money left????? I guess a million dollars is not all that much.... Maybe I better hope for 2 million!!!

What would be on your list of things to do with a million?

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Teri said...

You forgot taxes and paying off my house.