Saturday, August 28, 2010

Silly Saturday

These are some things that made me laugh this week. Hope I can share a chuckle or two.

1. A student told me at lunch this week that my name was a compound word... She said, "It is like Dairy, like dairy products, and berry like fruit and berries." She is so funny!

2. I got all the way to band practice Wednesday night only to realize that I forgot my trumpet as I got out of the car to go in.

3. The amount of doggie doo I had to dodge on my run this morning. Some dog had a great Friday night!

4. Finding a notebook of letters that my brother-in-law wrote to my sister prior to their marriage. HYSTERICAL!

5. The number of people who yell, "Run Forest Run," while I am running and actually yell it like they are the first person to ever say it.

6. The commercial where the little piggy "WEE WEE WEEs all the way home!!!!! I think it is Geico.

7. I asked my 2nd graders how they were Dairy Product experts after a vivid lunch time conversation, and they replied... "Duh Mr. D. we go to Wal-mart." Guess the big sign that says dairy over the milk and cheese is teaching them as they shop.

8. As I was unloading cars this week at school, a cute little K5 kids pulled up. As I opened the door I said, "How are you cutie pie?" Then, from inside the car, in a big 'ole booming, deep voice I hear... "I'm Fine!"

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