Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook and Twitter

Isn't it funny how these 2 things have transformed our lives. Ok, so maybe not all of your lives, but you at least know what they are, or someone who does right?

Social networking gets a lot of bad rap from some, but to me its a new useful way of interacting with people. I am sure back in the day when the telephone first hit the world there were some folks who just didn't like them either, and who in the world can imagine living without those????

I personally love social networking. It is quick, easy, convenient...All the things we all want right? I am a member of both Twitter and Facebook. I find Twitter VERY useful for meeting other teachers from all across the country and exchanging websites, lessons, etc. What an amazing resource! Facebook is great for keeping in touch with my friends from all around the world.

If you are a faithful blog reader and not a member of either of these sites, I encourage you to go join now... It's FREE! When you get your account, be sure to let me know your name here and I'll look you up. I won't publish the comment if you want to keep it private. If you are a faithful reader and we aren't Facebook friends look me up!

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