Monday, April 12, 2010


As many of you know from a previous post, I recently purchased a grill. I have been grilling just about every night since I got it, and I love it... I do not know how I cooked dinner without it. It has made eating healthy so much easier too.

I have grilled chicken, burgers, veggies, shrimp and pork chops. I believe my favorite is the pork chops. Big shout out to my friends Teri and Justin in Utah for telling me what to do!

I was wondering what your favorite thing to grill is? Share with me what you like to grill, what kind of marinade you like, and most importantly, how long you leave it on there. I am gonna try a pork tenderloin soon, and sometime this summer the famous ribs Matt makes are gonna be on there too!

I look forward to hearing what you like! Let me know soon!


Amanda said...

I know you are going to think it is weird....but you just have to try this....Dale's Original Seasoning (in the barbecue aisle sauce- get the reduced sodium- the stuff is a walking blood thinner), and mix it 50/50 with Kraft House Italian Salad Dressing. Use as much as you want to marinade your meat in, I recommend marinating it overnight. Reserve some marinade to use while you are grilling. Trust me- it is delicious- and it is good on steak, chicken, and pork! (I haven't tried shrimp, but I don't see why it wouldn't be good on that too!) Let me know if you like it!

The Process said...

We just had chicken/veggie shish kabob with lemon/garlic marinade. It was soooo good. We bought a rack for the shish kabob and rotated it occassionally for 15 minutes.

The Rickards Family said...

We tried this marinade on chicken last night and it was yummy!