Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool!

I was an April Fool today... My friend Chara posted on her Facebook status that she was pregnant.... I was so excited for her. She has 3 of the most wonderful children I know and I was elated that there might be a fourth... Maybe a girl this time because she has all boys.

I immediately tried to call her, but her line was busy, or she wasn't answering. I figured she must be receiving all the congratulatory phone calls, so I decided to call some coworkers of ours, who were not on Facebook, to share the good news. I couldn't get either of them so I sent a text out.

About 20 minutes after all of my excitement my friend Chara called to tell me the good news... I was one of many who became her April Fool!

I do not get got often, but today... I got got!

Did anyone get you? Let me hear about it.

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