Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reintroduce Myself

Good Morning. My name is Jed. I am 31 about to be 32. I live in the greatest part of the world and have a great family. I love my job and I love my students. I love my job so much that I often do not make time for my own personal hobbies like music, travel, and of course blogging....

I have fallen victim yet again to the tragic but true disease of... "Oops I missed my blog again yesterday so no need in writing today." syndrome. It is a very contagious disease I see. As I traveled through all of the blogs I frequent I noticed that many of my blogging friends have not blogged since August or September. It gives me comfort to know that I am trying to at least get over my sickness while they are still stuck. (Please do not take offense to that if you are the one with the illness. I got caught up in the metaphor and had to go with it. I hope you understand.)

For those of you who are still reading let me catch you up since my last blog. WOW, wasn't it a good last blog... I guess that is why I had a hard time writing a new one. I loved seeing my old fat self and my new less fat self pop every time I went to the blog. After that post I have continued to lose weight and get to 3lbs below my goal weight of 180.

As I posted then, it was bad blood work that led me to this change. I have since had my blood work done again and was SOOOO happy with the results. My Triglycerides went from 374 to 98, and my cholesterol went from 225 to 150. YAHOO!

If I can do it, anyone can. My eating habits consisted of fast food every night during the week and then 3 -5 big weekend meals.... I was on my way to 300lbs by the time hit 40 if I didn't change.

This has been a huge lifestyle change for me... I have had to completely give up some of my favorite things to maintain.... What you ask??? Believe it or not............... KETCHUP!!!!!!!!!

You read that right... ketchup... I have had it 3 times with a meal since Halloween. When you don't eat burgers, fries, chicken fingers, and other fried goodies you don't really need it. The few times I have had it was on a turkey burger.

I have also given up sodas, sweet tea, and the hardest one of all.... Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes over Christmas. In Christmases past I have been know to eat 5-7 boxes over the holiday... This year I allowed myself 1 cake. It was THE BEST ONE I EVER HAD!!!

Now that I have lost the weight, what am I doing to maintain? Well, I am still eating the same healthy way all week... Cheerios every morning, turkey on wheat for lunch with a healthy side, and a grilled or baked something for dinner. Friday night is the night where I can eat what ever I want. But, believe it or not I just do not find myself wanting a lot of the things I had before.

Unfortunately, as with any change, there are some naysayers around me: Those who think I am obsessed with healthy eating, those who scoff at my passing up an unhealthy snack, those who think now that I have lost weight I can eat whatever I want to. I have learned to just ignore and them and just keep doing what I am doing. I am sure some of them think that I am haughty about it, but believe me I am not... I am actually surprised that it happened and continues to happen. Praise the Lord for His strength that has helped me!

I feel better than I ever have, and I am almost 32. Everyone said life changes after 30... I agree! It gets better!

P.S. I noticed that someone from Schaumburg Illinois read last night. Drop me a line. I would love to know who you are. Hope to hear from you.

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daisey1977 said...

Jed! Keep up the great work! You look fantastic! Don't let those naysayers get ya down :).