Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2nd Grade Love

Today a little girl in my class noticed that a piece of candy had been left on her desk while we were packing up. She asked her group where it came from and everyone told her it was the little guy who sits next to her. Immediately her voice said, "Awwww thank you _____. That was so sweet of you to give me candy." She is a bit smitten with him I think. You know how kids are.

As she went to eat it, all of her group shouted "No...No... Don't eat it." Apparently the little boy who gave it to her found it on the floor and put it on her desk in hopes that she would it. Her 2 seconds of feeling special by her little "boyfriend" quickly faded away. All the little boys just died laughing. It quickly reminded me of how innocent they all are. It was too funny! I love my job!

(Editor's Note... The next day she forgot all about it and no one was harmed. Just kids saying and doing the darnedest things... Gotta love 'em!)

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teresa said...

How sad!!! The only thing the little girl wanted was to be liked by this little boy and he made her feel bad. I know that's part of growing up but I can still remember how bad it hurts.