Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Marriage of Q and U

Last week I had the opportunity to visit another school to observe and "borrow" ideas. Teachers get to do this every now and then to gain insight, new techniques, and ideas to improve their teaching. I got so many ideas from this school and I have already implemented some of them in my class.

One of the neatest things I saw I will not be able to do in my second grade class because it happened in a K5 class. It was the marriage of Q and U. What is that you ask?

Picture it....

There was a little boy dressed as the letter Q.... A little girl dressed as the letter U. The boy was in a suit and the girl in a bridal dress.... U entered the room to the Bridal March.... only after their Q and U groomsmen and maids of honor entered to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring...

The preacher, a little boy with a graduation robe and a beta club sash, welcomed everyone and began the ceremony.

He asked Q to promise to take U with him where ever he went and make the best words possible... like quick, quiz, and quiet.

He then asked U, if she would follow Q and assist him in making words like queen, quack, and quail, even though she could make her own words. (that part was hilarious!!!!!!!)

The bridesmaids and groomsmen sang a traditional K5 song to celebrate the big day.... Skidda Ma Rinky Dinky Dink..... Skidda Ma Rinky Doo... I love U!!!!!!!!

At the moment they were to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Qu (Kwa) the preacher asked them to shake hands and off the went to live happily ever after....

All were invited to the reception to enjoy cupcakes with Qu on top. It was a fairytale of a day.


Stacy said...

Zoe's class did something like that the other day.

Teri said...

Quite cute if you ask me.