Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey Daniel

Is anyone still reading? I have been so extremely busy the last few months and I haven't had time to blog. Life, work and church have just taken my time lately.

Last night we had our Christmas concert at church. A former student of mine was there, and he told me that he checked my blog this morning and was sad to see that I had not posted in a while. Apparently he is an avid reader of the blog. I promised him that I would try to do better. Thanks Daniel for getting me back on track. You are a great kid and I can't wait til you grow up and become a second grade teacher!


Kim said...

yes - you have readers :-D Not just Daniel! Have a super merry Christmas & enjoy your break, too!!

Jen said...

i'm recommitting to being a blogger. i've missed it and my life was much less hectic when i was just blogging and not spending every waking minute checking facebook! so i'm bidding farewell to facebook and going back to the simple life.