Sunday, July 5, 2009

I know... I know... I have fallen off the planet, and I am trying to get back on, but it spins way too fast!!!

Can it truly be that I have gone over a month with no blog??? Is there anyone still out there??? Does my lack of blogging mean there is nothing for me to say??? HAHAHA.... you know that "ain't" so!!!

According to my last blog, on MAY 28th, I was about to post some pics from Disney with Dennis and the Memorial Day trip to Atlanta. Then I must have gotten distracted by the end of school... Then a week out of town with no Internet, then a week back home with no computer because it was at the MAC hospital, then another 10 days at Ocean Lakes with a "borrowed" signal that went in and out.... Finally, I am back at home with a working computer and Internet.... THE WORLD MUST BE BREATHING A SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!!

Let me catch you up....

This pic is me sitting in front of the monorail with the driver. Only 4 spots there and you have to ask the attendant. Dennis always seems to get the hook up. I am glad I am his friend! Hope it wasn't our driver that was involved in the crash down there yesterday.

Here we are at the gate... Dennis is the guy in the red tie-dyed shirt, and my favorite teacher of all-time... Mrs. Garrett is on the left. You may remember them from last year's trip to New York.

Me and my favorite Disney Character... Excuse the double chin... He was coming fast and there was not a lot of posing time.

This could possibly be my favorite pic ever. We took it inside the Buzz Light Year Ride and it just turned out so good.

New Trip..... This was a quick Memorial Day weekend trip to Atlanta for Six Flags and the Braves. Not a lot of pics from Six Flags because it rained off and on the whole day and the camera stayed hidden.

Another Trip.... Myrtle Beach for 10 days. Just got back today. More pics to come soon. Johnnie-Lynn has some really good ones on her fancy camera.

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