Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stinky Restaurants

Some of my favorite restaurants require me to go home and change out of my good clothes before I go because of the smell I have when leave there... Here are a few.

1. Waffle House- I love the food as you have read on previous blogs, but every time I go in there I leave smelling like smoke. I hate that. I would probably go more if it weren't for the smell. When we went during the snow my ski pants wreaked of smoke afterwords.

2. Kan Pai- This is hands down my favorite place... I have had countless birthday dinners there, but be prepared to smell like a big whole jar of teriyaki when you leave. I have to wash my clothes after I go there... No airing them out. The smell is too strong!

3. KFC- Not my favorite place to eat, but if the group wants to go I almost always object because when you leave your clothes reek like a big, fat, nasty, greasy piece of chicken.

4. The Beacon... Need I say more???

Anymore you can think of?


Jennifer said...

IKE's... You come home smelling of smoke and grease... But boy it is worth...

miller10408 said...

wreak = reek

c'mon now, teacher =)

KJA said...

Corona's Mexican. Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad.

Diana Sheriff said...

Let me just say that I agree with you...and I will add Mexican food to the list. I always feel the need to shower and wash clothes after leaving the Mexican restaraunt...but its soooo good!

Jaime said...

LIGHTHOUSE FISHCAMP in Pacolet! My sister has worked there for about 10 years...I worked there for a year. It's NASTY smelling!!