Monday, March 9, 2009

African Animals

This post is mainly for my class. We are studying the different classifications of animals and I wanted to show them pics of the different animals I saw while living in Africa. I am sure you guys will enjoy them too. You will be amazed at the younger, skinnier me :0)

Baboons on a hillside.

Some kind of lizard.

Some random goat that we had to ride in the back of the truck with. He used the bathroom on us.

Termite hill. There were hundreds of them... Many of them over 10 feet tall.

A pack of Warthogs.

A random monkey that ran across the golf course.

A lizard that fell into our dishwater. Since we couldn't get anymore water til the next morning we just put some bleach in the water and hoped for the best.

Me riding a donkey. They made the most annoying sound!!!

Feeding monkeys in The Gambia. Yes... Those are pajama pants... That's what they wore over there.

Petting a crocodile. Yes, he is real. According to the locals they are under a spell cast be the healing waters of the pond right next to them. We think they are just sedated.

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